MENA Sources is a construction material trading company that has in its core the aim of supplying the MENA market with the best quality and cost efficient sources of construction material.

MENA Sources since inception has been working with relevant stakeholders and authorities to establish the necessary registrations and approvals for the manufactures it represents. MENA Sources is part of a multinational organization, operating from United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Jordan, and Morocco.

We source and service both regional and domestic customers. The company maintains a large in house data, which enables us to quickly source commodities and materials and make prompt and competitive quotations, and delivery for any customer requirement. Over and above our sister companies maintain a large strategic stock in Egypt, Ethiopia and Morocco, giving us a cutting edge over our competitors, in term of our prompt deliveries.

It is always our endeavor that we coordinate and deal with reputed manufacturers, factories and suppliers that meet the satisfaction in terms of quality as well as price competitiveness of our end user. Some of our suppliers, are stakeholders, and we draw on the technical resources of our sister company, giving the end user and the project, the added value of the complete service.

MENA Sources aims to be your single source of construction material supplier by allowing the market forces to come into play with full market exposure to the buyer and seller giving our clients access to what is available in the market place in terms of cost, technical compliance and delivery terms and duration.

We minimize the process of buying and selling process and our clients the best delivery time that is to specification. We provide excellent communication channels with all stakeholders. This will drive prices down and quality up and ultimately allowing for better contract pricing with the needed competitive advantage and efficiency.

Always listening to the market and adapting to the changes in the technical and legal environment. Continuously improving the process of procurement of construction materials.

  • Quality to meet required standards without defects
  • Delivery on time to meet project requirements
  • Always listening to clients and authorities with the best technical support
  • Cost efficient to reduce project costs and get better price