MENA Sources is the exclusive agent for Benxi Beitai Ductile Cast Iron Co.

Benxi Beitai Ductile Cast Iron Pipes Co is one of the leading manufacturers for Ductile Cast Iron pipes and fittings in China with currently more than 600,000 tons annual capacity
The company started operation in 1994, diameter range from DN80mm to DN2600mm with T-type and other types joints.  The products meet the Standards of ISO2531, ISO4179, ISO8179, ISO4633, ISO7186, EN545, EN598, BS4772 and other equivalent standards following the requirement of customer.

The company is well equipped most of the machines and facilities were imported from United States and Germany such as Electric furnaces, centrifugal casting machines, annealing furnace, finishing lines and cement lining equipment.

The ‘Beitai’ brand ductile cast iron pipes and fittings are widely used for water transmission and have been sold to more than 36 countries across the world.

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