Is a company supplying system solutions for energy production, which distinguishes itself by offering its customers products with the highest level of quality in specified periods at very competitive prices and in compliance at all times with the strictest CE regulations in force.


Atlas NRG manufacture and supply diesel and gas Generating sets. We offer a wide range of powers from 5 to 2500kVA in different formats as soundproofed and open type gensets, transportable type, hybrid systems, cogeneration, etc.

ATLAS NRG TECH has always given priority to quality and personalized service to its customers because we believe this is the only way to establish long term brand loyalty, never compromising on quality and putting an emphasis on continuous innovation.

We have chosen to work with the most efficient and durable materials, using only components from a select group of leading brands.
Some of our main customers that are purchasing our energy production systems are:




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